the heaviest bag of all

September 14, 2008

We have already added some spice to the trip by making a series of preliminary bets about who would be the first to undergo or perpetuate a given event. Here are the results so far:


Di: most likely to get the first upset stomach


Jeevs: most likely to use the word “post” as an adjective (this bet was made between J, Caro and I, and proved to be true when, a few hours later, he mentioned something about water in a “post-evaporation stage”)


Caro: most likely to call her lover first.


J: most likely to get arrested by the morality police for indecent public behaviour.


Me: most likely to loose something important.



Apart from that, despite my MANY efforts at cutting down on baggage, I have the heaviest bag. This hasn’t been confirmed by exact weight, only comparative human scales. And Di’s is the lightest, much to her credit.


DAMN! I tried so hard to be minimalistic! Unfortunately, I am both a translator and a toiletry snob, which means that I’m carting round a dictionary and back up supplies of natural shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and deodorant… So I can comfort myself by knowing that despite my aching back, I am doing minimal damage to my lymph nodes and the environment.  

I wonder how long such persuasion will last.  


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