Blog update: Home for a while

January 10, 2009

I’ve just posted the pieces that I wrote while I was in China up on this WordPress blog, which was blocked while I was in the country. Therefore, this site now contains the all of what I have written in the past 3 months on the road. 

Having forsaken vagabonding in the name of a December holiday family reunion, I am still enjoying a temporarily sedentary life in Europe, and plan on returning to Beirut in early February.  I am aware that my recent return ‘home’ has not proven as fruitful for my writing as the days on the road have (though I like to blame an abundance of both potable and abstract spirits instead of my own lack of inspiration…)

If things do continue as such for the time being, I do fully intend to recommit myself to writing again once the complacency created by the oft-taken-for-granted luxuries such as fabric softner, 24-hour hot water and a doting mother have begun to wear off… 

In the meantime, I’ll be watching Al Jazeera every morning, an almost obsessive voyeur to the current bloodshed in Gaza, and lamenting the deplorable state of our world in which such atrocities are allowed to occur…


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