“Follow the yellow brick road”…

Or the silk road, depending on your tastes…

This blog started as a travel blog,  documenting my overland travels from Beirut to China, and then some. Begun in 2008, it is a journey that I undertook with four friends, all of whom crave the excitement and challenge that such an adventure entails. Over a period of three months, we tavelled through Syria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Western China.

In early 2009, I returned to Beirut to continue my work as a freelance translator, writer and sporadic traveller. My more recent writings on this blog will therefore continue to document my current relatively sedentary life in Beirut, which, though not one of travelling per say, I feel still fits into the broader themes developped earlier: contemplating the way that the self is impacted through encounters with cultural difference and creatively exploring perceptions of one’s surroundings.

Hope that it continues to provoke, question, and, perhaps, compel.



  1. Hello, mystery doppelganger of myself

    While googling around on the internet, I incidentally bumped into one of your articles (Your journey in Iran)

    I almost shed tears of joy at the sight of your well-written, objective, and very interesting stories. Then I realised you were Lebanese. And then, I read your ‘About’ section and thought I was reading my own life story.

    Very bizarre to find such a similar life path …

    Yours truly

    Dalal, French-Lebanese freelance translator, NGO worker and sporadic traveller : )

    • Hey Dalal,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I just kinda throw my writing out into the vast cyber world without knowing how it ever effects people! So i really appreciate it.

      And how uncanny that our lives seem to be so similar! The only thing is that i’m not actually Lebanese… I’m what I like to call an “International Nomad”: more than one passport and no sense of national identity!

      Regardless, I do hope that our paths cross one day, perhaps on some distant road far away, or even just on Hamra…

      Take care,


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