This page contains maps of each country that we have passed though, in chronological order, and the route we took there. The colours of the route change according to what is most visible on that particular map. Please look at the key accompanying each map to see which colours correspond to which types of transport (road, rail, sea). You can click on each image in order to see it in a larger format.



(now that they are chummy in a post-Doha Accord world, I permit myself to refer to them in the same breath; no political undertones implied).


        Key –         Blue: shared taxi                  Purple: rail

        Dates of journey: 14 September 2008 – 16 September 008


               Key:      Purple-train      Red – ferry

               Dates of journey:  16 September 2008 – 17 September 2008


  Key:   Purple- train      Blue- bus     Green- hitchhiking     Red- places visited

  Dates of journey: 17 September 2008-

  Some bus/train times:  Tehran – Yazd: 8 hours

                                       Shiraz – Esfahan: 7 hours

                                       Bam – Tehran: 21 hours (3 hr layover in Kerman)

                                       Qazvin – Alamut: 3 hours

                                       Tehran – Mashhad: 15 hours


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